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30 June 2010 @ 11:05 am
Mynah, dragonfly and the river of letterboxes  

By Leonard Wong HL, Mynah, dragonfly and the wall of letterboxes (Pastel, 60cm x 55cm). Copyright Leonard Wong HL.

I've always love drawing/painting pigeons, mynahs and crows. They live in the midst of us yet most of the time we are oblivious to them until they appear on our doorstep, kitchen counter or in many cases on our table at the hawker center. On several fronts, they are somewhat similar to us, huddling close to the other, shunning solitariness. Mimicking one another for fear of standing out and being targeted by predators. Yet, they probably possess more freedom than we do. They don’t have a schedule to catch and bills to pay. Heck, they can even travel around the world without a passport if they like but only if they knew…